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Church Releases Seer Stone Photo + Handwritten Manuscript

by Jake Healey | From the Church Mormon Life

“A new volume of The Joseph Smith Papers Project featuring the printer’s manuscript of the Book of Mormon w...


10 Little-Known Facts About the Pioneer Trek West

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Today, we as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints celebrate our pioneer heritage. Sto...


Jimmer Fredette Signs with New NBA Team

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Sources have confirmed to ESPN that former BYU basketball star Jimmer Fredette has agreed to terms on a con...


5 More Famous Returned Missionaries (& Where They Served)

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Often standing out in areas such as modesty, chastity, and clean living habits, LDS celebrities are under a...


3 Common Questions About the Religious Freedom Debate (+ Answers from Experts)

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Perhaps not since the 19 th century has religious freedom been more of an issue for The Church of Jesus Chr...


Famous '50's Rock Star and LDS Convert Who Was Featured in Disney Movie Passes Away

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LDS rockabilly legend Joe Bennett, frontman of the famous 1950’s band The Sparkletones, passed away on Satu...


How a Sudden Fog Literally Saved America

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Since the early days of the Church, Latter-day Saints have celebrated America for its divinely inspired and...


9 Ways Church Members Can Help Fight Child Abuse

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During His mortal ministry, Jesus Christ taught that many people—even those who had never met Him—had provi...


Little-Known Church Website Helps Service Projects Find Volunteers

by Jake Healey

An estimated 25,000 hot meals were given to starving children. Over 20,000 pounds of supplies were delivere...


11 Times Missionaries Got Up Close and Personal with Wildlife (Photos)

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If you went on a mission to an exotic location or a tropical climate, chances are you've got some great sto...