"Written by Janessa Armstrong"

Hotel Utah turns 100

by LDS Living | News from Utah Opinions & Features

June 9 marks the 100 Year Anniversary of Hotel Utah. The Deseret News has put together a great section in t...


Walking Where Jesus Walked

by FUN FOR LESS | Travel Tips

When I walk through the Biblical sites of Jerusalem, I often think of the story told of Neal Armstrong when...


Cancer Screening Tips: How to know if you're at risk

by Dr. Thomas J. Boud, MD | Health

Welcome to a new year! Why not make this the year you finally pay closer attention to your body and prevent...


Moments to Remember

by John L. Lund - <a href="http://www.funforlesstours.com/" target="blank">FUN FOR LESS TOURS</a> | Adventures in Travel

For the older generation these moments include that "one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind," N...

Professor of philosophy answers the question: are all religions the same

by Washington Post | Everything Else

Q: Are all religions the same? The Dalai Lama, who just celebrated his 75th birthday, often refers to the '...

A Salute to Scouting: 100 Years of the BSA

by Kedrik Hamblin | Hot Topics

You've seen them in uniforms, toting flags in parades, camping in the mountains, and you're sure to have se...

The Perfect Summer Barbecue

by LDS Living Staff | Activities Event Planning

Barbecuing is one of those events that defines the summer season. It brings family and friends together for...

Giving the Gift of Sight

by Marcia Armstrong | Global View

While Troy had planned for the trip for months, he was unprepared for the emotion inspired by such an oppor...