"Written by Jenny Spencer"

Weekend Family Activity: Hot Chocolate Stand

by Jenny Spencer | Activities

 If there’s one thing we love in the wintertime more than people shoveling our sidewalks, it’s people ...


Poll: How Do You Celebrate Valentine's Day?

by Jenny Spencer | Single Saints Polls

No other holiday ruffles feathers quite like Valentine’s Day. “Singles Awareness Day” has long been a tradi...


Singles Dilemma: To Date or Not to Date Within Your LDS Ward

by Jenny Spencer

Confession: I have been on more dates with guys in my wards than I could ever count. I confess it not to gl...


{Poll} Are You a Straight-A Sunday School Student?

by Jenny Spencer | Polls

As I sat in my Sunday School lesson over the weekend, an interesting topic arose. Our instructor, a very ex...


The LDS Church in Madagascar

by Jenny Spencer | Global View

Children with dusty feet playing in the trash. Street vendors begging tourists to buy their vanilla. Women ...


{A&E} Watch This: Saints and Soldiers Opens Another Chapter of WWII

by Jenny Spencer | Arts & Entertainment

After the paratroopers found themselves in enemy territory, they were caught in an immediate attack. As som...


{Single Saints} Blind Date Do's and Don'ts

by Jenny Spencer | Single Saints

The Blind Date. The Set-up. The Pity Date. Call it whatever you want—it’s still how friends try to show us ...


{LDS How-to} Teach (Not Babysit) Nursery

by Jordan Green and Jenny Spencer | How-to Lesson Helps

Nursery worker—it can be a very challenging calling in the Church. But it can also be one of the most fulfi...


{LDS How-to} Plan an Affordable Wedding: 6 Tips

by Jenny Spencer | How-to

A wedding is a time to celebrate the eternal joy of the sacred ordinance of marriage. So why does planning ...


'Mormon Bachelor' begins new season

by Jenny Spencer - LDS Living | Arts & Entertainment

When people tell the story of Cinderella, they usually tell it from her point of view. This time, it’s the ...