"Written by Brad Wilcox"

One Life-Changing Question from the Book of Mormon (and the Answer)

by Brad Wilcox and John Hilton III | August 3, 2019 | Makes You Think

Over the last couple centuries, a lot of questions have surrounded the Book of Mormon—queries about its ori...


Brad Wilcox: 3 Things Latter-day Saints Should Know About the Tribes of Israel

by Brad Wilcox | July 16, 2019 | Makes You Think

The Lord made a covenant with Adam, the head of the first dispensation, and renewed that covenant in succes...


What Our Birthright Is and Has Always Been as Members of the Church

by Brad Wilcox, excerpted from "Born to Change the World: Your Part in Gathering Israel" | July 5, 2019 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Imagine a wealthy family in Old Testament times: father, mother, four sons, and three daughters. Who gets t...


How the Temple Endowment Represents Christ's Atonement

by Brad Wilcox, excerpted from "The Continuous Conversion" | May 1, 2019 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

After receiving her endowment, one sister said to me, “I was disappointed I didn’t see more about Christ’s ...


Brad Wilcox: 5 Tips for Teaching About the Atonement

by Brad Wilcox | March 26, 2019 | Makes You Think

Teaching any gospel doctrine can be challenging, but teaching about the Atonement of Jesus Christ—the most ...


12 Insights into Christ's Life as Portrayed in the Rome Visitors' Center Stained Glass Window

by Brad Wilcox, Gayle Holdman, Tyler Griffin, Anthony Sweat | Mormon Life

At the announcement of a temple to be built in Rome, Italy, there was an audible gasp throughout the Confer...


What One Woman Learned by Helping Her Dying Mother Take the Sacrament for the Last Time

by Brad Wilcox, excerpted from "Changed through His Grace" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

My sister-in-law Cheryl Harward Wilcox came to value the sacrament much more as she helped care for her mot...


One Scriptural Phrase That Will Help You Look to the Future with Faith

by John Hilton III and Brad Wilcox, excerpted from "52 Life-Changing Questions from the Book of Mormon" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

One question that Alma asked the people of Zarahemla is “Do you look forward with an eye of faith?” ( Alma ...


The Prompting That Saved a Girl from Abuse and Shows How God Loves Us Individually

by Brad Wilcox, excerpted from "Because of the Messiah in a Manger" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Christ cares for us individually. The inverted five-point stars found on the Nauvoo Temple are symbols of C...


How Did the Wise Men Know to Look for a Star?

by Brad Wilcox, excerpted from "Because of the Messiah in a Manger" | Makes You Think

In Matthew we read of wise men of the East (see Matthew 2:1-12) who followed a star to bring gifts to the c...