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Sponsored: I Hope They Call Me on a Mission Pop Song (Free Download)

by Brick 'Em Young | October 7, 2019

Watch the Brick’Em Young Missionary Figurines sing a pop version of “I Hope They Call Me on a Mission” by c...


Sponsored: Shop New Brick'Em Young Figurines

by Brick 'Em Young | October 6, 2019

What does a Captain Moroni figurine look like? Brick’Em Young is pleased to announce several new and exciti...


Sponsored: Utah Family Finds Purpose with Brick Temple Model Company

by Brick 'Em Young | August 2, 2019

What all began as a fun way to help a Latter-day Saint family in China stay connected with the temples of T...


Sister Missionary Mini-Figurines

by Brick 'Em Young (Sponsored)

Sister Missionary figurines can now be purchased at www.brickemyoung.com ! Connecting faith, family, and fu...