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Sponsored: New U.S. Navy Patented Ketone Drink Supercharges Weight Loss on Modified, Easy-to-Follow Keto Diet

by Grant Grayson | January 8, 2019

This article is sponsored by KetonD. You've most likely have heard about the enormous popularity of the "ke...


Sponsored: Retired Latter-day Saint Stanford Researcher Uses Stem Cells to Stop Senior Memory Loss

by Grant Grayson

This article is sponsored by MemNivia. In the 1980’s, Latter-day Saint Steve DeVore spent eight years at th...


Sponsored: Retired LDS NFL Football Trainer and Legendary LDS Heavyweight Boxing Champion Share Their Life-Saving Experiences with Revolutionary New Nitric Oxide-Boosting Discovery

by Grant Grayson

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Sponsored: Powerful 2017 U.S. Navy-Patented Ketone Weight-Loss Drink Explained

by Grant Grayson

This article is sponsored by Ketōnd . On June 13, 2017 the United States Naval Research Center and the Univ...


Sponsored: The Key to Reversing Age-Related Disease

by Grant Grayson

This story is sponsored by OxySpark. Key to Reversing Age-Related Disease? LDS Company’s New, All-Natu...


Sponsored: LDS Company Licenses Breakthrough Fat-Burning Supplement Developed & Patented By the U.S. Navy

by Grant Grayson

Editor’s note: This is an advertisement and LDS Living does not endorse Ketond or other products mentioned ...

Sponsored: Is the Mormon “Sweet Tooth” (Excess Sugar Consumption) the Culprit in the LDS Obesity Epidemic?

by Grant Grayson (Sponsored)

BYU/Stanford University-Developed Weight Control Program Helps 1.3 Million Overcome Sugar Addiction to Lose...


The Mormon Obesity Epidemic: Why Diet Soft Drinks Make Us Fat

by Grant Grayson (Sponsored) | Makes You Think

Most LDS people struggling with their weight think they’re cutting back on calories by drinking diet soda i...