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The Mormon Neglect: Conferences Past and Present (Sponsored)

by M. Lee Hamblin (Sponsored) | September 2, 2017

Each April and October, as members of the Church we find ourselves thrilled to hear the new messages from o...


The Country With the Largest Number of Mormons Per Capita and How Members Live Their Faith

by Fred E. Woods and Devan Jensen, with Katie Lambert | Mormon Life

Mormon missionaries first arrived in Tonga in 1891, in the midst of a sea of religious turmoil, landing on ...


First Presidency Announces 8 New Mission Presidents

by LDS.org | From the Church Mormon Life

From Tahiti to Mozambique and Michigan to Ecuador, the First Presidency has called eight new mission presid...


Did You Know the First Woman Mayor with an All-Woman Town Council Was Mormon?

by Katie Lambert | Makes You Think Mormon Life

On the eve of Election Day, many are contemplating their vote and the results tomorrow will bring. But amon...


Church Calls 8 New Mission Presidents in India, Jamaica, Nigeria & More

by Church News | From the Church Mormon Life

Brazil, Nigeria, Jamaica, and India, are among the places about to receive new mission presidents in July. ...

Hamblin & Peterson: Getting ready to study the New Testament

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

In the Bible, the term "new testament" or "new covenant" first appears in Jeremiah 31:31-34. "Behold, the d...

Ancient Near Eastern Scimitars

by FAIR Blog | Everything Else

Critics have long claimed that the scimitar was unknown before the rise of Islam and that references to thi...


Relationships between the ancient Israelite temple and the modern endowment

by Temple Study | Best of LDS Blogs

Professor William J. Hamblin has offered some good starting points in considering the relationship between ...


Interfaith conference in Logan will focus on temples

by Deseret News | What We Believe

Hugh Nibley's groundbreaking work on ancient temples is bearing a bountiful new harvest among Latter-day Sa...

The difference between Old and New World archaeology

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

Before I begin sharing some of the interesting New World evidences that are consistent with an ancient Book...