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19 Famous People Who Have Worn Modest Wedding Dresses

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Vogue & Virtue: Modest Fashion at the Oscars

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Now before we start nit-picking, let me clarify: not all these dresses are 100% modest by LDS standards. Bu...

General Conference Traditions

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Automobile Pricing Guide

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Family Games

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Camping and Outdoor Games Constellation Creation Start the game by pointing out one of the well-known const...

Food Storage 411

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An Iron Rod

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For two years Sam and Linda Hawkins discussed, designed, and worked vigorously over the 1969 Ford Mustang F...

YW Lesson 7: Living in Love and Harmony

by Janet Thomas, "Sister Connection," New Era, June 2003, 26 | Young Women

There are 12 young women in the Riverside Ward, Columbus Ohio Stake. Just 12. But in that small group, eigh...

New Testament Resources for Latter-day Saints

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W hether you're a Gospel Doctrine teacher preparing to teach the New Testament for the first time, or a Gos...