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How a Couple in Their 90s Found the Gospel and Each Other

by Morgan Jones | May 7, 2019

When Bud and Shirley Anderson were recently sealed in the Dallas Texas Temple, the sealer remarked that it ...


"All In" excerpt: Why I Believe the Philadelphia 76ers "Trust the Process" Motto Extends Beyond Basketball

by Morgan Jones | May 4, 2019

The phrase “trust the process” has become synonymous with Philadelphia 76ers basketball since their former ...


Surviving Columbine: 20 Years Later, Latter-day Saints Tell Their Stories

by Morgan Jones | April 17, 2019 | Mormon Life

Listen to a special episode of "All In" with Columbine survivor Will Beck by clicking  here . Twenty y...


The March Madness of Yesteryear: A Look Back at the History and Intensity of Church Ball

by Morgan Jones | April 8, 2019

Tonight, the championship game of the NCAA Tournament will be played in Minneapolis, but recently, a group ...


What If the Pain Is Part of What We Came to Earth For

by Morgan Jones | April 2, 2019 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about pain and suffering. I’ve written about this topic before but this...


Why Two Men Agreed to Speak with Me About Their Excommunications

by Morgan Jones | March 2, 2019 | Makes You Think

To listen to this week's episode of All In,  "Experiencing Excommunication," click  here or liste...


Church on Friday + Other Unconventional Ways Members Are Living the Gospel Internationally

by Morgan Jones | February 26, 2019 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Expensive, 8-hour bus rides to the temple. Making do with different resources. Attending church meetings on...


New York Times Best-Selling Author Greg Mckeown Explains "Essentialism" from a Gospel Perspective

by Morgan Jones | February 20, 2019

This article originally appeared in the  Deseret News  on June 12, 2017. It has been edited to re...


A Message to My Fellow Single Adults: "You're Not Doing Anything Wrong"

by Morgan Jones | February 9, 2019 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The following has been republished from alittlepencil.com . Several weeks ago, I was in church and our stak...


The Miracle That Made It Possible for This Argentinian Naval Cadet to Join the Church

by Morgan Jones | February 7, 2019 | Mormon Life

Ed Marquez walked toward the main gate of his military school in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was late sprin...