"Written by Sunny Morton"

How to Help Your RM Adjust to Being Home

by Clark and Kathleen Hinckley, Sunny Morton & LDS Living Staff | Mormon Life

Check out our earlier articles for more about how to help your missionary prepare for a mission and how to ...


How Online Genealogy Changed the Lives of These Three Members

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When FamilySearch announced last year that Latter-day Saints would be able to receive free access to three ...


Find Your Relief Society Niche

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By definition, Relief Society is "one size fits all ." Its membership is every Latter-day Saint woman over ...


8 Tips for Preparing for a Senior Couples Mission

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Happy Campers: How to Have a Successful Family Camping Trip

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It's a cool summer night. A dark expanse of lake laps quietly at the edge of your campsite. You huddle in a...


Six Months Later: The Impact of the Missionary Age Change

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The full impact of the missionary age change announcement six months ago has yet to be seen. While the poli...


{LDS How-to} Conduct a Family History Interview

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Have you ever asked a relative about your family history? The experience is like lifting the handle on an o...


{LDS How-to} Start Writing Your Life Story Now

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Recently my friend Cindy Johnson expressed frustration that she hasn’t recorded her richly-lived life in jo...


5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Family History

by Sunny Morton

1) Learn at home from: Your own memories. There’s probably more stored in your memory banks than you think....


{LDS How-to} Write a Family History Worth Reading

by Sunny Morton | How-to

Some people think they can’t write an interesting family history. “My ancestors were boring,” they say. The...