"Written by Wayne Burton (Sponsored)"

Listen: Hear the 2019 Mutual Theme Song, "I Will Follow With Love"

by Wayne Burton (Sponsored) | Videos

This song for the 2019 Mutual theme, "If ye love me, keep my commandments," was written by Wayne Burton and...


Watch: Wayne Burton and "Voice" Contestant Hanna Eyre Sing Beautiful "Fragile"

by Wayne Burton (Sponsored) | Videos Mormon Life

Latter-day Saint musicians Wayne Burton and Hanna Eyre, who blew away judges on The Voice  in 2018, te...


"It Only Takes One": New Music Video from Wayne Burton

by Wayne Burton (Sponsored)

Wayne Burton is a singer and songwriter who has been contributing to LDS inspirational music for over 15 ye...

New Music Video Celebrates What We Have in Common

by Wayne Burton (Sponsored) | Fun

About this new song, Wayne Burton said, "Our society seems more divided than ever before - for a lot of rea...

New Music Video Will Bring Peace When Youth Have Unanswered Questions

by Wayne Burton (Sponsored)

This new music video by Wayne Burton highlights the 2017 Mutual theme, "Ask in Faith." The song has also be...


Music Video Shows the Impact Our Decisions Have

by Wayne Burton (Sponsored) | Fun

Our choices today are what make us who we become and take us down a path of blessings or regrets. What lega...

LDS Artist's Inspiring Song for the 2016 Mutual Theme

by Wayne Burton (sponsored)

Wayne Burton's song Press forward  was written based on the 2016 Youth Theme. Wherefore, ye must press...