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Church Announces 6 New Stakes, Calls 38 New Stake Presidents

by | From the Church Mormon Life

From Taiwan to Idaho and Switzerland to Kiribati, the Church announced six new stakes and called 38 new sta...


Gordon B. Hinckley's Unfailing Optimism: What You Can Learn & How to Develop It in Your Life

by | Makes You Think Mormon Life

There are many reasons to be excited for 2017, and one of those reasons is that we will be studying Preside...


First Presidency Calls 8 New Mission Presidents to Nigeria, Japan, U.S., and More

by | From the Church Mormon Life

From Mexico to Nigeria and South Carolina to Guam, the First Presidency has called eight new mission presid...


First Presidency Calls New Temple Presidents to Serve in Honduras, Japan, Missouri, and Peru

by | June 25, 2018 | From the Church Mormon Life

The First Presidency has called the following four new temple presidents and matrons. They will begin their...


Did You Know You Can Serve a Mission as a Church Photographer?

by | Mormon Life

MR says: Did you know some of your photography could end up on And did you know the Church ha...


Why Being Broken Is a Gift

by | From the Church Makes You Think Mormon Life

What raw but powerful insights into why we suffer and how that shows us God loves us. Sometimes I just feel...


How Do We Really Know What's Appropriate On Sundays?

by | Mormon Life

MR says: What does it really mean to keep the Sabbath holy? Where do we draw the line? How do we keep ...


Simple Gospel Truths That Will Help You Love Your Body As It Is

by | Makes You Think Mormon Life

So much of what we watch or read today trains us to find fault with our bodies. But here are some eternal g...


When My Belief in God or Magic Collided as My Daughter Was Dying

by | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Rosemary, our firstborn child, was a new pretty baby when my mother visited us from her village in central ...


Church Suspends Self-Pack Services at Canneries

by | Mormon Life

Wondering why you haven't received a cannery assignment lately? This month, the last of the 12 locations th...