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Official Church Info on Disciplinary Councils

by Newsroom | From the Church

What happens at a Church disciplinary council? Before Church discipline is ever considered, a local leader ...


Conclusion of Historic Vatican Summit on Strengthening Marriage

by Newsroom | News from Utah

The historic summit that brought together a diverse group of global faith leaders concluded Wednesday. Pope...


LDS Newsroom now on Google+

by Newsroom | Everything Else

Newsroom launched a page on the Google+ social networking site today to provide another way for journalists...


Mormon Helping Hands from Russia to Ghana

by Newsroom | News from Utah

Russia: Communities Happy for Mormon Helping Hands Work Parks, streets, orphanages, playgrounds and stadium...


Groundbreaking Date Announced for Meridian Idaho Mormon Temple

by Newsroom | News from Utah

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced Friday that the Meridian Idaho Temple groundbreak...


Church Celebrates 170 Years in French Polynesia

by Newsroom | News from Utah

South Pacific Mormons, proud of their Polynesian heritage as well as their membership in The Church of Jesu...


President Uchtdorf Donates $3 Million from Church, Visits Refugees in Rome

by Newsroom | From the Church Mormon Life

In his recent trip to Italy, President Uchtdorf made the most of his time by climbing to the top of the new...


Church Announces 4 Temples to Close for 2+ Years for Renovations

by LDS Living Staff | Mormon Life

Four temples—the Tokyo Japan Temple, Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple, Memphis Tennessee Temple, and...


Church Announces Upcoming Changes to Missionary Program

by Newsroom | Mormon Life

According to Mormon Newsroom, exciting new changes are coming to the Church's missionary program.  Cha...


Millions of Civil War records now available on FamilySearch website

by Newsroom | Official Church Info

As the United States marks the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, history buffs and people who had ancesto...