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Church Makes Statement on Missionary Who Wrestled Gun from Attackers Hands

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

A surveillance camera captured the incredible footage of two missionaries fighting back after two men appar...


BYU professor concludes his discussion on changes to the Book of Mormon original text

by Deseret News | Everything Else

The nature of the original text of the Book of Mormon was the focus of Royal Skousen, a professor of lingui...

Looking forward to 2012

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

This is a weird week. We wind down from Christmas festivities and look back on what the old year has brough...

Overstock executive launches campaign to amend Utah Constitution over religious liberty

by Deseret News | News from Utah

A Utah businessman has launched a national campaign to amend state constitutions to shield religious instit...


What Does the Bible Say About Fantasy Football?

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

MR says: We know that the Bible can provide us with answers to any question in our life. But what does...


Vietnam Officially Recognizes LDS Church & What That Means for Missionary Work

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

Elder Quentin L. Cook said Latter-day Saints rejoice that a door has been opened for religious activities i...


Elder Oaks Comments on Kentucky Clerk Controversy, Gives 3 Ways to Avoid Culture Wars

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

MR says: For more from Elder Oaks on achieving balance and accommodation amidst cultural wars, read or view...


LDS basketball star Jabari Parker moves into No. 1 prospect status

by Deseret News | Saints & Sports

It's official. Jabari Parker now has multiple talent scouting services ranking the LDS basketball star from...


Relief Society General Presidency: What Women Should Know About the Updated RS Purposes

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

“Relief Society is more than a party. We’re not here to imitate the world. We’re here to help prepare our s...


Piano Guys to Be Featured in Special, Church-Wide Youth Event

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

The Piano Guys, four faithful members of the Church, have combined their talents to create unique and enter...