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More digitized versions of 'irreplaceable' map collection available

by Deseret News | Everything Else

The University of Utah’s J. Willard Marriott Library recently announced a 77 percent increase to its collec...

5 ways to stretch an income -- saving money while shopping

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

Sherry L. Neiger doesn't buy generic-brand items. She also doesn't go to several grocery stores a week, nor...

Sierra Leone: Building Wells and Hope for the Future

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

As Sierra Leone recovers from an 11-year civil war, there is little to eat, and few people have easy access...


The plastic surgery question

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

The day before Annie and I moved out of our apartment in Provo, a couple in our ward came over to serve us ...

Christmas gifts for your Mormon scholar

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

The facts are indisputable: There is no way to slake the biblio-appetite of your scholar. Even if all 30 vo...


What Adopting a Dog Taught My Family About the Gospel

by Deseret News | Makes You Think

Last summer, I decided I wanted another dog. We already had a dog: our 7-year-old rescue, Lily. For whateve...


Beck comments on Tittle's 'What it Means to be a Cougar,' a BYU football retrospect

by Deseret News | Saints & Sports

Ask Duff Tittle about all of the memorable football experiences that nearly five dozen BYU football legends...


Book Review: 'I'm A Mormon, Now What?'

by Deseret News | Arts & Entertainment

Becoming a member of the LDS Church brings challenges beyond accepting new doctrines. Converts enter a worl...


'Gentlemen Broncos' director puts home and family first

by Deseret News | Mormons We Know

After the runaway success of his first feature, 2004's "Napoleon Dynamite," Jared Hess could have gone Holl...

Why do they hate us? Try asking

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

If there's one thing a BYU religion professor likes to talk about, I suppose it's the gospel. But if there ...