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10 Things Utah Dads Do Best

by Utah Valley 360 | News from Utah Humor Fun

Dads aren’t in short supply in Utah. And while all kids roll their eyes from time-to-time at the things the...


16 New Year's Resolutions from the Prophets for 2016

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The prospect of perfectly living all the principles taught at general conference can be daunting. But taken...


How to Visit Every Temple in the U.S. in 79 Days

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We live in an age of unprecedented temple building. In just the last 15 years, the number of temples has in...


Mission Calls Recieved by Eric Mika, Graham Pingree, and TJ Haws

by Utah Valley 360 | Saints & Sports

BYU basketball player Eric Mika announced via Twitter Wednesday night that he had received his mission call...


5 LDS Church Resources You Won't Be Using in 5 Years

by Utah Valley 360 | Mormon Life

MR says: With technology changing so fast, a lot of exciting changes could be coming for the Church in...


5 Ways to Lead Youth Without Taking Over

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A calling to serve in the Young Women’s, Young Men’s, Scouting, or the Single Adults organization can be da...


LDS Women Brought to Life in New 'Women of Faith' Film

by Utah Valley 360 | News from Utah

Martha Hughes Cannon made history in 1896 when she became the first female state senator elected in the Uni...


Lex de Azevedo: The Provo Tabernacle's Last Performance & the Night It Burned Down

by Utah Valley 360 | Famous Mormons Mormon Life

For a long while after the destruction of the Provo Tabernacle, Lex de Azevedo felt personally responsible ...


How Elizabeth Smart Is Helping Stop Child Sex Trafficking

by Utah Valley 360 | News from Utah Famous Mormons

When [Operation Underground Railroad] began in 2013, Ed Smart (Elizabeth’s father) came on as the director ...


LDS Couple Shares How Infertility Struggle, Miracle Quadruplets Inspired Thousands

by Utah Valley 360 | News from Utah

To say that Pleasant Grove’s Tyson and Ashley Gardner’s lives have changed since Dec. 28, 2014 would be an ...