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Elder Neil L. Andersen Becomes First Apostle to Visit Remote Region of Mexico, Asks Members to Do One Simple Thing

by Church News | Makes You Think Mormon Life

When Elder Neil L. Andersen became what is believed to be the first apostle to visit a remote region of Mex...


Ticket Reservation Information for Indiana Temple Open House

by Church News | From the Church

Ticket reservations for the Indianapolis Indiana Temple open house will be available to the public beginnin...


New Church Video: 'Sam the Cloud' Teaches About Lighting Safety

by Church News

Lightning and other health and safety risks are especially high during the summer months when members are p...


Church Calls 8 New Mission Presidents to Brazil, South Korea, Finland, U.S. & More

by Church News | From the Church Mormon Life

From Finland to Brazil and South Korea to Puerto Rico, meet the eight new couples the First Presidency has ...


The 5-Word Saying President Eyring Carved into a Wooden Plaque and Hung in His Home

by LDS Living Staff | From the Church Mormon Life

In a 2015 Seminar for New Mission Presidents, President Henry B. Eyring told about how he used one of his u...


How the Best Mexican Food I've Ever Had Led to Someone Joining the Church

by Church News | Mormon Life

It's funny how the simple and often seemingly inconsequential things really can make all of the difference ...


5 Ways to Understand God's Time That Will Help You Better Manage Your Own

by Church News | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The success of people’s mortal experience depends in large part on how they use their time, said Bishop Gér...


Missing Returned Missionary Remembered Fondly

by Church News | Mormon Life

Elizabeth Elena Laguna Salgado, who had recently returned from serving in the Mexico Pachuca Mission, went ...


Church Announces 37 New Stake Presidents Called in May

by Church News | From the Church Mormon Life

Many stakes have been created or reorganized recently, meaning the Church has called 37 new stake president...


Man Solves WWII Mystery Using Family History and the Spirit

by Church News | Mormon Life

I was born in July 1946, so I never knew my mother’s next youngest brother, Richard Miller Merrill, a WWII ...