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At Rome Italy Temple, Apostles Lead Rome's President and Other Visitors Through Temple

by Deseret News | January 14, 2019 | Mormon Life

More than a decade after it was announced and two millennia after Peter and Paul preached here, The Church ...

Y. coach tells fireside of bigger mission

by Deseret News | Saints & Sports

Bronco Mendenhall isn't afraid to speak his mind. A compelling aspect of the BYU head football coach's lase...


"We’re Strong and We Need to Be Strong": Gail Miller Shares Empowering Messages for LDS Women

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

During an interview with the Deseret News , billionaire Gail Miller shared powerful insights into her life ...


Police: 4 Latter-day Saint Missionaries Robbed, Held at Gunpoint

by Deseret News | January 12, 2019 | Mormon Life

 A man is accused of kidnapping four church missionaries Friday night after he forced them at gunpoint...


Why Integrity in Government Matters: Elder Christofferson and Bob Woodward Share Fascinating Insights from Watergate to Today

by Deseret News | January 15, 2019 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

When Bob Woodward learned that Richard Nixon had been pardoned, the reporter whose investigation led to the...

Elder Ballard dedicates Mormon Battalion plaza

by Deseret News | News from Utah

Brigham Young pledged that the Mormon Battalion would be held "in honorable remembrance to the latest gener...


Mormon Father-Son Duo Are Changing Book of Mormon Scripture Study While Keeping It the Same

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

Lynn Rosenvall and his son David Rosenvall had an idea: what if they digitally reformatted the Book of Morm...


"It Was Glorious": Apostle Leads Catholic Delegation, Faith Leaders on Tour of Rome Temple

by Deseret News | January 16, 2019 | Mormon Life

"My father was a Catholic," Elder Bednar said after many toured the Rome Italy Temple, including a Catholic...

Mormon Media Observer: What the media often misses in LDS baptism stories

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

I feel fairly certain that Dornan Willett would have been shocked to learn that his years of devotion were ...

Stand-up comedy clicks for LDS comic Jenna Kim Jones

by Deseret News | Arts & Entertainment

Jenna Kim Jones' first attempt at stand-up comedy was at a Mormon young single adults activity. A comedy wr...