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Provo Tabernacle announcement raises mixed emotions

by The Daily Herald | Opinions & Features

When LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson announced Saturday during general conference that the burned-out...


Female LDS Chaplains Share Insights Into Their Unique Vocation

by The Daily Herald | News from Utah

If the errand of angels is given to women like the LDS hymn ”As Sisters in Zion” claims, then LDS women cha...


The Surprising Start to the Primary Program You Probably Didn't Know About

by The Daily Herald | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Did you know the Primary program was originally started to help keep unruly boys out of mischief? Or that g...


Aussie sports film says g'day to Utah at LDS Film Festival

by The Daily Herald | Arts & Entertainment

After 30 years of working in film and television in Australia, it was an evening of church music that sent ...

LDS Church sends teams around world to photograph records

by The Daily Herald | Everything Else

The Mormon church is stepping up its efforts to assist genealogists by sending teams around the world to ph...


10+ Pro Tips for Attending the Manti Pageant

by The Daily Herald | Mormon Life

First-time pageant-goers will find the following tips useful: Arrive early for optimum seating. First-come ...


LDS Church leads with calls for unity after election

by The Daily Herald | Opinions & Features

Utah Republicans woke up with a political hangover on Wednesday. Mia Love missed her chance by a fraction. ...


A Mormon Circus Christmas

by The Daily Herald | Opinions & Features

One of the oddly lovable aspects of the circus is the way they can incorporate any figure from fairy tale o...


Entertainer, Mormon Bob Engemann dies at age 77

by The Daily Herald | Mormons We Know

Bob Engemann had a smooth voice and eyes that melted female hearts from half a concert hall away. The tight...

Pioneer Day Quiz

by The Daily Herald | Everything Else

1. When did the Mormon exodus West begin? 2. When did the advance party of Mormon pioneers arrive in the Sa...