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New LDS site focuses on overcoming pornography through Atonement

by | Official Church Info

To help fight the growing tide of pornography that threatens to capture the souls of mankind, the Church re...


The Church on Facebook

by | Everything Else

Since the launch of the official Facebook page for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in May 2...


LDS volunteers add to the olympic spirit in London

by | Opinions & Features

At venues both around London and farther away, at train stations, at bus depots, and on the streets and und...


Members across UK celebrate Queen's Diamond Jubilee with service days

by | Official Church Info

Throughout the United Kingdom in late May and early June 2012, in conjunction with Queen Elizabeth II’s dia...


Traditional family championed at World Congress

by | Official Church Info

The traditional family—father, mother, and children—is in rapid decline, though “children are entitled to b...


Bible Videos collection continues to grow, inspire

by | Opinions & Features

Six videos to 33. Three languages to 13. What started almost a year ago as a small collection of videos foc...


Elder Bednar Instructs Members in Caribbean Area

by | Opinions & Features

Visiting the Dominican Republic in mid-February, 2012, Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Ap...


LDS Youth Earns National Award for Eagle Scout Project

by | Everything Else

When Forrest Bernhardt began work on his Eagle Scout leadership service project, he never dreamed it would ...


Another "Bumper Year" on Church Farms and Ranches

by | Official Church Info

A few years ago, a Harvard University professor contacted Wade Sperry, an agricultural specialist in the Ch...


Message of Christ Is Not Absent from Old Testament

by | What We Believe

“Easter is the culmination of the Old Testament,” Kent P. Jackson said during his keynote address at the 42...