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Reach Out with Love to Less-Active Returned Missionaries

by | Official Church Info

Despite enjoying successful missions, some returned missionaries return home only to later drift into inact...


On Joseph Smith's Birthday: No Stronger Witness

by | What We Believe

Each December, we read or relate the account recorded in the second chapter of Luke about the birth of the ...

Church Offers Program to Help Those with Addictions and Their Families

by | Official Church Info

Rod was 12 years old when some older teens in his neighborhood introduced him to alcohol and drugs. Althoug...


Visit Salt Lake Church Historic Sites This Summer for Free

by | Everything Else

Folks living in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying the longer and sometimes lazy days of summer. It’s the...


Church magazines’ new series to highlight For the Strength of Youth standards

by | Official Church Info

Starting in August 2012, the Church magazines will launch a series of articles that highlight the standards...

5215 is Church’s gift to the world

by | Official Church Info

During the December 4, 2011, First Presidency Christmas Devotional, Church leaders presented The Life of Je...


Missionary Age Announcement “Putting a Fire Under Our Feet”

by | Official Church Info

When President Thomas S. Monson made the historic announcement in the October 2012 general conference that ...


Elder Holland Says to Live Gospel in Small Ways

by | What We Believe

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland requested that the hymn “Israel, Israel, God Is Calling” be sung by the congregati...


Helpings Hands Program Opens Way for Missionary Work, New Stake in Amapa, Brazil

by | Opinions & Features

On Saturday, March 10, 2012, 21 people—including both families and individuals—entered the waters of baptis...


New triple combination published in Estonian

by | Everything Else

A new triple combination edition of the scriptures, featuring the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenant...