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Apostle Speaks to Muslims, Catholics, Jews, Others at First-Time Religious Liberty Event in Brazil

by Newsroom | News from Utah

Elder D. Todd Christofferson told an interfaith group in Brazil — a country recognized by the Pew Research ...


Church Responds to Criticism Over New Same-Sex Policies

by Newsroom | From the Church

Recent policy updates by the Church regarding families with members in a same-sex marriage have generated p...


Apostle Answers Member Questions in Interactive Meetings

by Newsroom | From the Church News from Utah

Approximately 400 women who hold lay leadership positions in the Church’s youth groups, children’s programm...


Church Presents Database of Freed Slaves to African American Museum

by Newsroom | From the Church Mormon Life

After efforts of Saints across the world to index names for the Freedmen's Bureau Project, millions across ...


Church Firsts in Peru (Photo Gallery)

by Newsroom | News from Utah

Peru, a land widely recognized for its architectural achievements and rich cultural traditions, is creating...


October 2010 World Report

by Newsroom | Official Church Info

The latest edition of The World Report, a semiannual report of news events around the world pertaining to T...

Cardinal George Addresses Religious Freedom in Speech at BYU

by Newsroom | Official Church Info

Catholics and Latter-day Saints are important partners in the defense of religious freedom in the public sq...


Church Corrects Misconceptions After Sensationalist TV Show Airs in Australia

by Newsroom | From the Church News from Utah

Last night’s “A Current Affair” on Channel Nine included a segment on the controversy surrounding Brisbane-...


Church Announces New Book of Mormon Video Series (+ How You Can Be a Part of the Filming)

by LDS Living Staff | From the Church Mormon Life

After recently wrapping up their New Testament video series , the Church announced a new project that will ...


Elder Holland Tells Boy Scouts of America Leaders Duty to God Is a Way of Life

by Newsroom | Mormon Life

“In a day when some people are using religious faith to divide the human family, this little gathering is a...