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Bible Video: Jesus Declares, 'I Am the Light of the World'

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A Letter Written by Jesus' Brother & What All Mormons Can Learn from It

by | Makes You Think Mormon Life

MR says: Learn how a letter written by the brother of Jesus Christ influences every Mormon today and how, w...

Sweet Is the Work

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We Aren't God's Only People: What I'd Tell Younger Missionary Me

by | Makes You Think Mormon Life

What a thought-provoking article from Even when we think we are humbly serving the Lord, sometimes...


Maybe I Should Get My Blessing

by | Mormon Life

One Sunday, the stake patriarch led our lesson about patriarchal blessings. Before this lesson, I knew almo...


First Presidency Calls 7 New MTC Presidents for 2017

by | From the Church Mormon Life

From Provo to New Zealand and the Philippines, the First Presidency has called seven new missionary trainin...


Church Shares 10 Tips for Parents of Gay Children

by | Makes You Think Mormon Life

On the Church's new website that provides resources for homosexual members and their families, mormonandgay...


When My Gay Son Asked If He and His Boyfriend Could Come to Church with Me

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"Answers don’t always come neatly wrapped in a Sunday School lesson. Sometimes they come in unexpected life...

New Church Video Series Shows How Members are #SharingGoodness

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Watch: Primary Kids Share How They Followed Jesus This Year

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Read more inspiring stories and "footsteps" from Primary children by clicking the link below. This year the...