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Lindsey Stirling Performs on the TODAY Show, Shares How Her Friend's Death Influenced Her New Album

by Deseret News | Videos Famous Mormons Mormon Life

Watch Lindsey Stirling perform live on the TODAY show and learn more about how the death of her best friend...


Elder and Sister Oaks' Message to Mid-Singles: "Singles Are Such an Important Part of the Church"

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

Tackling many topics singles within the Church struggle with, Elder Oaks was clear when he stated, “Si...


'A Prophet's Voice: Messages from Thomas S. Monson'

by Deseret News | Arts & Entertainment What We Believe

President Thomas S. Monson has spoken in general conference more than any other living general authority an...


How One LDS Man Is Fighting Cancer by Serving Refugees in Utah

by Deseret News | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Though he has undergone 60 chemotherapy treatments in the past decade, Don Ward continues to assist refugee...


Trump's Transition to President & the Role LDS Politician Mike Leavitt Is Playing

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

As the country prepares for a new president, many LDS politicians are helping with the transition. Former U...


Senior Missionary in Brussels Bombing Shares the Miracles That Saved His Life That Day

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

Remarkably, Richard Norby said he has had a complete lack of pain since the moment a terrorist bomb at the ...


Rescue Teams Searching for LDS Experienced Hiker and Grandson Swept Away in Grand Canyon

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

We are praying for the Merrells and hope they can be found safe. A roaring backcountry stream swept up a gr...


How getting beaned in the face changed football pro Eric Weddle's life

by Deseret News | Saints & Sports

There was a time when Rick Secrist believed Eric Weddle was destined for Major League Baseball. Even Eric a...


Elizabeth Smart Joins The 5 Browns' Deondra Brown to "Make Noise" About Sexual Abuse

by Deseret News | Makes You Think Mormon Life

"We’re here and we’re talking about big, dark, scary issues, issues that we don’t want to talk about," Eliz...


Senate Majority Leader Reaches Out to Mitt Romney for Possible Utah Senate Campaign

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

Former U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney could make a run for Utah Senator for the 2018 election.&nbs...