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The Story of the Dutch Potato Project



Not a Fan of Turkey? Then You'll Definitely Appreciate What the Utah Pioneers Had for Their First Thanksgiving

by | Makes You Think Mormon Life

When mountain man Jim Bridger offered $1,000 for the first ear of corn grown in the Salt Lake Valley, the p...


How the LDS Hymnbook Came to Be and the Revelation That Led to It

by | Makes You Think Mormon Life

In 1830, Joseph Smith received the revelation that would lead to what we know now as the LDS hymnbook. Here...

Emerging with Faith in Africa

by | What We Believe


Church: Get and Share Live Updates from General Conference

by | Official Church Info

Get and share live updates, quotes, highlight videos, and images from each session of the 183rd Semiannual ...


Elizabeth McCune Helped Pave the Way for Sister Missionaries

by | News from Utah

March 11, 1898, the First Presidency of the LDS Church held a regularly scheduled business meeting that wou...


LDS Church Releases Article About Pokémon GO Visitors

by | Mormon Life

We've grown accustomed to seeing people texting while walking, but lately have you noticed strangers wander...


How a Graveyard Miracle Led to a Daughter Receiving Her Temple Work

by | Mormon Life

A miracle in a graveyard led to the discovery of a new name, that of a child who became sealed to her paren...


To Mormons Suffering a Quarter-Life Crisis: 4 Tips to Make Life Less Confusing

by | Makes You Think Mormon Life

College, graduations, jobs, new majors, dating, marriage, children, renting, buying—there are so many thing...


Elder Oaks: Not All of It's Addiction—4 Types of Pornography Use & How to Recover from It

by | Mormon Life

MR says: Even without being an addiction, viewing pornography can damage our souls and cloud our minds...