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The Growth of the Church Today and in the Future

by Millennial Star | Best of LDS Blogs

In a few weeks lesson #9 in Gospel Doctrine focuses on the organization of the Church. While I was studying...

Healthy, Recognizably Mormon Faces

by Millennial Star | Best of LDS Blogs

Five years ago, Ryan Bell wrote a post at Millennial Star considering which public figures look like Mormon...

The Little Things

by Millennial Star | Best of LDS Blogs

Long ago, in the days before the internet, I was a timid freshman at Vassar College. Vassar is located in P...


The Poem “Good Timber” Quoted by Pres. Monson at General Conference

by Millennial Star | Everything Else

The tree that never had to fight For sun and sky and air and light, But stood out in the open plain And alw...


10 Secular Studies About the Family that Apostles Have Cited in Conference

by Millennial Star | Mormon Life

In his remarks at the April 2015 General Conference, Elder D. Todd Christofferson said, “The social science...

Family TV Watching: Parenting Tip

by Millennial Star | Best of LDS Blogs

“I came across your ideas on the LDSEHE website, and have been so inspired by all of it. I’m starting to re...


Running from the fire: serving and being served

by Millennial Star | Best of LDS Blogs

We were now 24 hours on the run, hold up in a hotel in Santa Fe, with all of our belongings. It’s humbling ...


Families be aware: FCC wants to allow more swearing, nudity on TV

by Millennial Star | Arts & Entertainment

For those of you who haven’t heard, FCC may modify its swearing and nudity policy. In short, the new policy...

Non-Mormon Movies About Religion for Mormons

by Millennial Star | Arts & Entertainment

Last time I discussed secular movies that had themes that could be interpreted with spiritual values. Some ...

Are there similarities between Muslim and Mormon persecution?

by Millennial Star | Best of LDS Blogs

Sen. Hatch said something yesterday regarding the Fort Hood massacre that I think is very reasonable: I don...