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"Atlas Obscura" Features the Mormon Alphabet Commissioned by Brigham Young

by The Atlas Obscura | Mormon Life

Learn more about the Deseret Alphabet here. THIRTY-TWO YEARS AGO, WHILE ON a Mormon mission in Florida, ama...


"Atlas Obscura": A Latter-day Saint Pioneer’s Grave, Marked Only with a Wagon Wheel Rim

by The Atlas Obscura | October 25, 2018 | Mormon Life

What a fascinating article from  Atlas Obscura, which remembers one of the many Latter-day Saints who ...


Why Mormons Make Great FBI Recruits + How the Myth About an FBI Mormon Mafia Began

by The Atlas Obscura | Fun Mormon Life

MR says: How fascinating! Did you know that agencies like the CIA and FBI actively recruit from BYU? F...