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Of children, eggs and screeching

March 04, 2010
source: Deseret News

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My son, Geoffrey, and his wife, Heather, have two daughters, Zoe (4) and Phoebe (2). Quite apart from the fact that these children are of extraordinary intelligence and virtue, they're quite normal.

So parents everywhere will understand this story, even if their children have not found such strange ways to be creative.

One morning, Daddy was wakened by the sound of Phoebe's voice, saying -- no, crowing with pride -- "Zoe! I've got eggs!"

Since Mommy was still asleep, it was highly unlikely that this happy sentiment sprang from contemplation of an ordinary breakfast.

So Daddy swung out of bed, stepped to the bedroom door, and there saw Phoebe walking up the hall, her arms full of eggs.

Behind her, one egg had already fallen and broken, but still, her percentage of success in egg transportation was rather higher than one might have expected, given that she was carrying most of a dozen.

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