Church Releases Changes to Personal Progress Program

News from the Church - Sep 13, 2000
source: Newsroom

The Church released information on today with additional instructions on how to incorporate virtue as a value in the Young Women Personal Progress program. The First Presidency announced the addition of the new value in a letter dated November 28, 2008.

A special eight-page insert for young women to insert into their Personal Progress book contains a scripture, motto, value experience and value project instructions, the color of the value and more.

The scripture chosen to represent virtue is: “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies” (Proverbs 31:10). The chosen motto is: “I will prepare to enter the temple and remain pure and worthy. My thoughts and actions will be based on high moral standards.”

Four value experiences are outlined that help young women to understand the meaning and importance of chastity and virtue, and the blessings that come from being virtuous. They also help young women, their mothers and leaders understand how the quality of virtue enables a young woman to enjoy the constant companionship and guidance of the Holy Ghost and prepares young women to worthily enter the temple and make and keep sacred covenants and receive ordinances of the temple. The importance of repentance and the sacrament are also emphasized as a means to be virtuous and pure. The value experiences encourage young women to study the selected doctrines in the scriptures and then write in a journal about the things they learn and the commitments they will make to live a virtuous life. The Young Women Web site states: “These experiences are an important foundation for a young woman’s understanding of the meaning of virtue and its application in her life.”

After the young women complete the four virtue value experiences, they complete a virtue value project. The project is to read the entire Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ and apply its teachings to their lives and circumstances. The project includes the young women recording their thoughts regularly in a journal. Upon completing the reading, the young women write their testimonies on the pages provided.

“We desire that all young women will make the reading of the Book of Mormon a daily habit,” the Web site states. “Her testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ, will be strengthened as she reads. Developing this testimony is vital to a young woman’s ability to face the challenges of life and to prepare for her future.”

The insert is currently available in English only, but translation has begun in additional languages and will be released as soon as the translations are completed.

According to the Young Women general presidency, young women who are close to receiving their Young Womanhood Recognition may choose to earn their recognition under the old requirements, but are encouraged to complete the new requirements. Mothers and leaders are also invited to participate.

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