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U.S. Mormon missionaries to be banned from Switzerland

December 14, 2010
source: Deseret News


MR says: Starting in 2012, only missionaries from the EU will be allowed to serve in Switzerland.

The makeup of LDS Church missionaries serving in Switzerland may drastically change by 2012, with immigration policy there prohibiting most foreign missionaries beginning that year.

As currently constituted and interpreted, the policy will ban all missionaries coming from the United States, with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints having sent its representatives from the U.S. to the central European nation for a century and a half.

The immigration policy would allow missionaries from European Union nations. Switzerland is not a EU member, although it has signed numerous bilateral treaties over the years with the European Union, including the immigration agreement.

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oldmormon said...

10:18 PM
on Dec 15, 2010

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All worthy Elders born in Switzerland who wish to serve a mission should do so in the United States.

festus said...

12:39 PM
on Dec 16, 2010

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I wonder if this will apply to Muslims also? Probably not, and England will be next.

silvio said...

07:39 AM
on Aug 08, 2011

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O grande problema é que se isso virar moda teremos muitos problemas em estabelecer o reino (Our great problem will be if every nations do the same we will have troubles in stablish the kindon):´-(

kyanihanna said...

07:54 AM
on Sep 03, 2011

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Never fear. Heavenly Father is behind us. If the door of the small country of Switzerland closes, a new door of the Giant China may open. ALL IS WELL.

woodclan6 said...

01:13 PM
on Mar 13, 2012

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Similar immigration practices are occuring in New Zealand. We need to remember the Lord's plan. There are many faithful Saints inside & outside that are praying for members, government officials & Area Presidencies to resolve these recent issues. But if not, remeber that every member is a missionary and the promises available to every worthy member. D&C 4.
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