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Archaeological find supports the Book of Mormon

January 06, 2011
source: Meridian Magazine

Photo from Meridian Magazine.
When I served my mission in Australia in the early 70‘s, one of the standard jokes among the missionaries was that “one day” someone would find an inscription, “I, Nephi, was here” or something like that, left by Nephi himself. We relished the thought that something like this would be discovered, something that would virtually force the Gentile world to take the Book of Mormon seriously. Then we would have some serious baptizing to do as hordes of people joined the church.

Of course, even back then we knew that even if the gold plates themselves turned up, that would not constitute “proof;” for proof of the Book of Mormon comes only in one way - a spiritual witness from God. What we yearned for was to be taken seriously and for our message to be given a chance.

Some 40 years later, I’m sure that all our expectations have matured and become more realistic as we have learned how God works. The Lord could easily reveal himself in great majesty before the whole world, or cause angels to appear to people testifying that the Gospel has been restored or do any number of things that would leave people without excuse. But he doesn’t.

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lara said...

07:18 AM
on Jan 07, 2011

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This is a stupid and uneducated article. Anyone who has really read the book of Mormon knows that their primary building material was wood and earth. Stone only came into use a couple of times and then just for a wall, not cities. lds people ought to be more educated about their own religion.

hsm said...

07:55 AM
on Jan 07, 2011

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Oh, lara, you're so silly. Did you even read the article? Lol... "stupid and uneducated"... lol.

crunchem said...

08:23 AM
on Jan 07, 2011

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Yes, ans lara ought to be more educated about what she criticizes. The altar and inscriptions described here are found in the ARABIAN Peninsula, in the DESERT, in and area with NO TREES. The trail, and the temples and monuments found thereon were constructed by many other people, before and after the family of Lehi/Nephi passed through. Duh.....

bells said...

08:36 AM
on Jan 07, 2011

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lara, I am embarassed for you. You should read something before you offer your "educated" comments.

yashti82 said...

12:59 PM
on Jan 07, 2011

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@ Lara.....I trully am embarrased for you. uneducated can someone get. Reading the article itself will explain it Silly woman

patricia said...

02:40 PM
on Jan 07, 2011

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3 Nephi 12:22

lmj said...

04:16 PM
on Jan 07, 2011

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Well said Patricia.

turista said...

02:00 AM
on Jan 08, 2011

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The BOM describes a multitude of cities built in the Americas and all the archeological evidence ("The First Archaeological Support for the Book of Mormon") that can be found is an altar? Regarding the inscription generating this article itself needs to be explained better. The author states, "I had spent years documenting the name on old maps and writings back to within a few hundred years of Nephi’s day." But he could not pick out the word himself on the altar. The guide who did it must have been an ancient language linguist. There is also the long crosswalk to make a translation. We are dealing with ancient Hebrew written in a different language alphabet (reformed Egyptian) compared to the language (Semitic or not) spoken by the dwellers of Marib. So all languages have the same sounds for the same letters? And then add vowels as pleases? Now I hope we have better luck finding people with the right DNA to prove the Lamanites are still with us.

gaius_maximus said...

02:06 PM
on Jan 11, 2011

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Y'all calm down. The Book or Mormon will be proven, and everything else, too, because of it, but by something so small, you wouldn't even believe it. And it will even show us who Joseph Smith really is, and that's the thing that will be the most astounding.

vincentvaz said...

07:16 PM
on Jan 11, 2011

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archaeological support are scientific evidences but not the fast way to known things. Let´s try james 1:5. Isn´t God´s way better and faster? Is not The God enough? I know from The God that The Book of mormon is true. God may be faster than the internet if you are blessed with feith. Pray for having faith before praying for anything else. Obey first and understanding after. pay the thiding first and get the money after.

jjepsen said...

07:16 AM
on Jan 29, 2011

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In the bible you can find the the same names of cities,rivers,mountains,regions, civilizations & people that existed in biblical times. In 180 years There's no DNA proof nor Achaeological to support the BOM whatsoever. "I do not know all of the providences of the Lord, but I do know that he permits [FALSE DOCTRINE to be taught IN and out of the Church]..." [emphasis mine] LDS Apostle Bruce McConkie 1981 letter to BYU.

artvandalay said...

03:40 PM
on Jul 19, 2011

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oporterrockwell said...

02:01 PM
on Jun 12, 2012

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Hahahahahaha! Lara!
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