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LDS missionary shot and killed in Jamaica

January 18, 2011
source: Deseret News

Elder Jermaine Luther Walker pictured on right. Photo from Deseret News.
An LDS Church missionary was accidentally shot and killed in stray crossfire Monday while serving in his native country of Jamaica.

Elder Jermaine Luther Walker, from the town of Savannah La Mar and serving in the Jamaica Kingston Mission, was confirmed as the fatality by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

According to church spokesman Scott Trotter, Walker and seven other missionaries were returning to their apartments after an activity on their "preparation day," an "off-day" for Mormon missionaries from regular proselytizing.

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areyouserious said...

04:47 PM
on Jan 20, 2011

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Are you guys serious????? The church just lost a missionary, some people just lost a friend and a family just lost a son and you are talking about HCG. How disrespectful....You ought to be ashamed of yourselves even if you are not LDS.

lulu said...

08:09 PM
on Jan 31, 2011

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waterskiingmomma - areyouserious summed it up for most of us. Although I have teethmarks in my tongue from biting it, I shall say no more on the shameful subject. As to the friends and family who mourn for the young missionary who was trying to bring light into this dark world, many of us weep with you. Thank all of you who are working to make a difference for good in the world. Remember whom you are working for and go forward in faith and courage and love.

tryingtobelikejesus said...

07:26 PM
on Aug 29, 2011

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may God bless this sweet young man's family and comfort them during this time of sorrow.
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