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LDS Charities: Helping a Dominican Republic Orphanage

January 28, 2011

MR says: LOVE this video.

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wanabgr8 said...

11:12 AM
on Feb 01, 2011

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I think it is tough to be in the limelight, you are judged by people who think they know you, but really don't. We have to make judgements all the time. Hopefully we judge the way we want to be judged, I think it is written somewhere as a rule. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes, but he did put them on. We have almost all of his stuff, movies and music. Sadly we payed $75 to go see him at a concert a few years ago. He hit on the host (a girl) and dedicate one of his songs to her. The song said how he longed for her, to be with her and that he loved the times he had been with her. My husband and I were sick that we had paid money to see him embarrass his wife and himself in such a way. He also bragged about being the priest advisor in his ward and told the audience that the next song he was singing was a great "make out" song and he told the priests in his ward that too. He had a text that he showed us all to confirm that one of his priests had in fact tried it out. We had two Priests and a Teacher in our family at the time. Not really what we wanted to teach our boys. On our way home as a family we had a much diferent talk than we thought we would. Up to that concert Kirby had always demonstrated true humor and talent that you felt was true to the values we hope all good citizens can posess. Our family walked away from that experience sad, like we had just lost a friend. We were glad to hear in the article that he is still married and that the gospel is important to him. At this point our children are older so his influence isn't a concern. We only wish him the best, hopefully he reads these comments so that he can know that a family was dissappointed in his performance and example. As a family we came to the determination that faith and example comes by personal private feelings with the Savior, so the evening wasn't a total loss. His children will be teenagers, perhaps only then will he realize how dissappointing his behavior was. The good thing about life is when we make mistakes we are allowed to learn from them.
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