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Mitt, the Marriotts and the Fight Against Pornography

January 29, 2011
source: Religion Dispatches

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MR says: The author makes an interesting point the mass media hasn't considered.

Marriott hotels will be phasing out in-room pay-per-view pornography over the next five years, giving up about $100 million in revenues to do so.

(Lucky for them, Marriott guests will still be able to enjoy the Book of Mormon stashed in the nightstand drawer in Marriott hotel rooms, courtesy of the mega-Mormon Marriott family.)

The hotel chain says that the decision is economic: in-room porn profits have tanked because the porn industry has moved on-line.

But it’s being reported that the move is actually an effort to protect Romney against another round of flak from socially conservative and evangelical voters in Iowa, where the Marriott-porn issue flared up for a brief moment in July 2007. (Back then, Romney even came in for criticism from the LDS Church-owned Deseret News, in an editorial with the unfortunate title “The nasty taint of porn.”)

I don’t buy it.

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lulu said...

12:23 PM
on Jan 31, 2011

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Why, oh, why, is it taking 5 years to phase phorn out of their hotel chain? It is a huge embarrassemnt when friends ask why someone who is supposidly a devout Mormon would sell porn? If there is an answer I sure would like to know it so I can pass it on. If I was in a business where I sold it I would loose my temple recommend.

marylou0 said...

05:51 PM
on Jan 31, 2011

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Totally agree with lulu....I hope we don't do anything for money.
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