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Poll: Husband vs. Wife--A Traditional Division of Labor

LDS Living staff - April 14, 2011

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Take our poll on the division of labor within your household.

Who performs each chore or job within your household? Do you go by traditional rules where the wife tends to the “feminine” jobs and the husband keeps to the “manly” ones? Do you share them equally? Or are you the type to throw tradition out the window, doing whatever job you feel like? Take our poll.

For the questions below, who is MOST LIKELY to perform the following in your household?
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Keep the car in good condition

Wash dishes

Grocery shop

Pay bills

Prepare meals

Make decisions about savings or investments

Do laundry

Watch the children on a daily basis

Clean the house

Make decisions about furniture and decorating

Do yard work

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Comments 5 comments said...

03:27 PM
on Apr 14, 2011

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Now tell me again why I got married????

dottie said...

04:23 PM
on Apr 14, 2011

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There should have been another category -- "Both". At our house it's whoever sees it needs to be done and can get to it the quickest. We grocery shop TOGETHER, he's just as likely to fix a meal as I am and we BOTH clean the house. Also, BOTH of us do yardwork and most other things that are traditionally either "male" or "female" jobs. So you really need another category there. Just sayin'.

jkcook said...

06:44 AM
on Apr 15, 2011

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I agree with Dottie. Very few things are one or the other, especially making financial decisions. How could one person do that??? Good recipe for divorce.

artvandalay said...

12:08 PM
on Apr 18, 2011

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I agree with dottie on needing a both category, or phrasing the questions as, "who does blank more often?"

artvandalay said...

12:11 PM
on Apr 18, 2011

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I guess it does say who would most likely perform this task. My bad.
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