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10 lesser-known LDS Church sites

May 10, 2011
source: Deseret News

Photo from Deseret News.
A lot of rich history is infused into the dozens of well-loved and traveled Latter-day Saint sites. But beyond Nauvoo, Ill., Palmyra, N.Y., Carthage Jail in Illinois and many of the other iconic sites, there are hundreds of lesser-known locations across the U.S. and England.

Kenneth Mays, an institute teacher at the Salt Lake University Institute and an LDS history enthusiast, has made touring the LDS historical landmarks, trails and sites a hobby by spending much of his leisure and vacation time discovering and rediscovering history.

Throughout the years, Mays has taken thousands of photographs during his travels and has had them published in the Ensign, Church News, on, and in Pioneer magazine and several other publications, including Mormon Times. Focusing on the less-traveled church sites, Mays highlighted 10 locations that are off the beaten path but essential to the stories of Latter-day Saints.

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