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{A&E} Mo-Lebrities

Kate Ensign-Lewis - May 18, 2011

Photo from Wikipedia, by Joella Marano.
Sure, we’ve all heard that Amy Adams, Katherine Heigl, and Aaron Eckhart are LDS. But what about other famous members who don’t get as much press? Here are some celebrities who have been, at least at some point, active in the Church (though whether some of them were baptized is debated).
  • Julianne Hough
  • Derek Hough
  • Jon Heder
  • Christina Aguilera
  • Roseanne Barr (active until age 16, but probably not baptized)
  • Wilford Brimley
  • Eliza Dushku
  • Brandon Flowers
  • Ryan Gosling
  • Jewel
  • Harmon Killebrew
  • Matthew Modine
  • Keri Russell
  • Rick Schroeder
  • Paul Walker
Our list wouldn’t be complete without addressing other celebrity myths. The following people are not LDS—no matter what anyone tells you.

  • Alice Cooper
  • Elvis Presley (though he read the Book of Mormon and received missionary discussions)
  • Steve Martin
*To read about other Mormon myths, click here.
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kjpm said...

11:38 AM
on May 19, 2011

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You listed Julianne Hough....her brother Derek Hough should be added. He is famous too!

anthonybentley said...

01:29 PM
on May 19, 2011

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Although Alice Cooper (born Vincent Damon Furnier son of Ether Moroni Furnier) is not LDS, he was in fact, raised “Mormon” in the Bickertonite Faith founded by Sidney Rigdon after the death of the prophet. His grandfather Thurman Sylvester Furnier, was an apostle in that church.
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