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NY Times: LDS Olympic liaison resigns due to religious beliefs

May 16, 2011
source: New York Times

Photo from New York Times.

MR says: This is too bad.

When Peter Vidmar, who won two gold medals in gymnastics in the 1984 Olympics, was chosen to be the United States’ chef de mission for next year’s London Games, the chairman of the United States Olympic Committee called him a natural leader and an extraordinary individual.

Yet Vidmar, who has been involved with the Olympic movement for more than 20 years, lasted in the role for only eight days. He resigned last Friday after several reports revealed that he had supported initiatives against same-sex marriage. He said he stepped down because he did not want any controversy over his opinions to overshadow the United States team.

For some, like the former Olympic softball player Jessica Mendoza, the resignation was warranted. Others, like the former Olympic swimmer John Naber, said Vidmar’s personal views would not have affected Vidmar’s treatment of athletes.

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kateybug said...

09:02 AM
on May 17, 2011

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It's too bad that those who cry for tolerance the loudest are the least tolerant towards those who don't agree with them. Even when they have been treated with respect by those they try to take down. I have several gay/lesbian friends and family. I always try to treat them with respect as a human being and a child of God, but they all know I do not agree with same-sex marriage and will fight it until the day I die. They always try to treat me with respect too and that's how it should be. We can agree to disagree and let them have their voice while allowing us to have our voice as well.

anon said...

09:04 AM
on May 17, 2011

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So, anyone with a view opposing same-sex marriage has to keep their trap shut. So much for free speech in America. Only those who support same-sex marriage now have free speech. If you speak out in support of traditional marriage you now make yourself unemployable, even though the majority of Americans are still behind you. There may be many more behind you, but they won't say it, because they want to keep their job. It is impossible to support both traditional marriage and same-sex marriage. It is like trying to mix oil and water. They don't mix. One will always trump the other. If the state sanctions same-sex marriage, then those who oppose it will lose their free speech, lose their right of association, and lose their freedom to act according to conscience (religious freedom). Only those supporting same-sex marriage will be free. Those opposed will live under oppression, fearing to make themselves known. This issue puts the State in competition with the rights of free speech, freedom of religion, and the right of association, and in competition with the citizens who defend those rights. Traditional marriage is a religious institution, and has traditionally been supported by the State, along with freedom of religion. Same-sex marriage is a State institution, and is in competition with tradition. They cannot co-exist. It is impossible. You cannot serve two masters.

jansted said...

11:40 AM
on May 17, 2011

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What a shame. As others have stated so well, free speech and protection with employment unless your personal view is conservative. I have often said that liberals will give you the shirt off their backs, and off your neighbors back, unless you have an opinion different then theirs. Then you are shunned and they become your worst enemy.

patr said...

07:13 AM
on May 18, 2011

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What a shame - it should be interesting if they ever get anyone to cover this position. Someone can always dig up something to say you oppose their ideal. I hope the days of 'pilitical correctness' will end, or else nobody can have an opinion and that includes those with same-sex beliefs.

motherof3 said...

03:06 PM
on May 29, 2011

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it is a shame Peter left the leadership of the team because of his beliefs. the world screams 'fairness' but those whom do not support same sex marriages are treated awfully. so where is the fairness in that ? i will always stand my ground of NOT agreeing with gay and lesbian choices. they are children of God but are confused and satan feeds them with lies. Peter was needed for the team. as is stated...we cannot serve two masters. I serve one master for whom suffered for ME and all others. the entertainment community is confusing the world with 'it is ok, it is right, some were born that way'. i have a special needs child, she was born this way for reasons not known to us only our Heavenly Father...NO ONE IS BORN GAY. it is not within us at birth to be that way, satan uses those whom are weak at the knees to be accepted to believe in this. we must make a stand and be firm. i sorrow for those within the church whom believe some are born this way. i am not perfect nor state to be but I do try to live as my Savior wants me to live. The world may knock at my door but i do not answer.

lady_arndt said...

10:22 AM
on Jun 01, 2011

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@kateybug, I agree 100% with EVERYTHING you just said. That is too bad that he felt he had to step down. But at the same time kudos to him for walking away from it. He is obviously the bigger person.
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