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Elder Oaks talks about the Second Coming

June 02, 2011
source: LDS Church News


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tamilyn said...

12:35 AM
on Jun 03, 2011

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Thought this was good. Love, Tami

clc77 said...

02:26 AM
on Jun 03, 2011

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I love the servants of the Lord. When ever I am blessed with the gracious opportunity to meet one, I feel their beautiful spirits..and I long to linger in their presence knowing they are 'special' witnesses of the Savior. I know the world is due for continued turmoil, yet continued growth of the gospel, as the Second Coming nears. And 'whenever' that times arrives, I pray with all my heart I will be there to rush to the Savior and kneel at his feet in eternal gratitude. Looking forward to that day so much.

qiolevu said...

09:18 AM
on Jun 03, 2011

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Timely, needed admonishing for our benefit and comfort. Gratitude to our leaders for their thought provoking remarks as they continued to guide us return to our Creator.

maryp said...

10:18 AM
on Jun 03, 2011

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Considering all the hoopla over the supposed "Rapture" that was to take place last May 21, I think this was a timely piece by Elder Oaks. No serious member of the Church was the least bit concerned about the world coming to an end on May 21, but it was interesting to hear people talk about it in IL, where I was at the time. Our prophet(s) will not lead us astray. I am so grateful for that knowledge.
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