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New Mormon site protects families against pornography

June 29, 2011
source: More Good Blog

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A new website,, has been created to serve as a resource to all parents who wish to maintain a safe online environment–protecting their respective family standards– while encouraging and allowing family members to positively and pro-actively participate in engaging the online conversation through web access, learning, and social media. Protect Family is a combined effort between the More Good Foundation and Ken Knapton, author and Cyber Safety expert.

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salifeline said...

03:08 PM
on Jun 30, 2011

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Thanks for sharing this. I wanted to share a couple other sites that address this issue that being maintained by LDS Church Members. It is always important to talk about and address Prevention and Protection, but doing so alone actually increases the shame that a person who views Pornography feels. This shame is what drives Pornography use. You have to address, and provide help for those that need a way out of the addictive power of Pornography. Most have no idea how to get out, and think that by simply adjusting behavior will get them there.

mandy said...

06:47 AM
on Aug 02, 2011

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