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{A&E} Favorite LDS Film Contest--Round 1

Ashley Evanson - July 28, 2011

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We Mormons love our LDS culture and heritage. We love them so much, we produce movies about them all the time (I don’t see any other religions making movies like Sons of the Vatican, or Mobsters and Muslims.)

Everyone has their favorite, whether it’s a drama like Charly, or the oh-so-funny Singles Ward, and LDS Living thought it would be fun to host a contest to determine the most-loved LDS film. Now, these aren’t films produced by the Church (like Legacy, or Testaments) because that wouldn’t be fair or appropriate to compare these to ones like The RM. But everything else is fair game.

Vote for your favorite films within each category, and if you feel like we’ve left out your favorite, leave a comment below. If we get enough write-ins for a particular film, we’ll make sure to include it in the next round.

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Comedy: Group 1

Comedy: Group 2

Drama: Group 1

Drama: Group 2

Drama: Group 3

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bruce said...

10:32 AM
on Jul 30, 2011

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I know complaining about the set up of a poll is a belated exercise in futility. But I'm in a serious bind, and don't know whether I should try voting at all. Here's my problem, or rather my set of problems: (1) You've left out one of my VERY favorites--States of Grace (aka God's Army 2--but it's NOT the same as God's Army and in my opinion is about 5 to 10 times better). (2) I've seen 13 of the 27 films listed but have seen all of them in only one category: Drama Group 3. (3) And it turns out that Drama Group 3 is where ALL of my favorites are. That means most of my favorites are doomed to lose in the first round. On the other hand, I guess it also means one of my favorite is likely to make it at least for a couple of rounds. (4) But then how do I choose among my favorites under Drama Group 3? There's the classic from my childhood (which was a LONG time ago), Johnny Lingo. There's God's Army (a great film, but not as great as States of Grace), which will have to stand in for all of Richard Dutcher's work. There's The Other Side of Heaven--about my wife's uncle (and the man who performed our marriage), featuring my mother-in-law, among others in one of the photos in the film's opening. Plus it's a great film in its own right. New York Doll--so different from the rest in the category, or indeed in the entire poll; and uniquely endearing, inspiring, illuminating. And Saints and Soldiers--another great film. The only lightweight in this category is Passage to Zarahemla--but I did enjoy it. There are good films in the other drama categories. But I'm afraid there's nothing in either of the comedy groups that compares in quality to 5 out of the 6 in Drama Group 3. So what do I do--vote for the least light of the lightweights in the comedy categories? Do my best to pick a favorite in drama groups 1 and 2? And then . . . give up in despair having to choose among the polls truest gems in drama group 3?
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