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D.C. Temple graffiti prank won't die

July 27, 2011
source: Deseret News

Photo from Deseret News.

MR says: Since the early 1970s, "Surrender Dorothy" has periodically appeared on an overpass near the temple, which some think looks like Oz. No one knows who started it.

Who did it?

Who played the part of the Wicked Witch of the West and was the first in the early 1970s to spray paint the message "Surrender Dorothy" on an overpass on the Washington D.C. Beltway right where the Mormon Temple comes into view? The mystery is now, at least partially, solved.

Christine Mulligan of Germantown, Md., wrote to "Answer Man" John Kelly at The Washington Post last month to see if he knew the orgin of the painted prank.

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sandi said...

10:00 AM
on Aug 09, 2011

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I received vaccines as a child and my children received vaccines. I wish I had understood more at the time. We no longer participate in this activity. I have learned that some of us have bodies that do not easily process or metabolize the ingredients present in many vaccines. The result can be a more compromised immune system, affecting digestion and thereby mental function. (See I've learned to take everything I see in print, especially research paid for by those who will most benefit by it, with a grain of salt...designs of evil men. I have learned to be extremely careful with everything that goes in my body, not just vaccines, but pharmaceuticals,scents,lotions, make-up, chemical food additives etc. My body does not process any of these things very well. For some of us, mandated vaccines would mean chronic ill-health & disability. I'm grateful that we still have the right to chose for our individual needs.

snowyriver said...

12:46 AM
on Nov 06, 2011

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And that has to do with what sandi?
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