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Butch Cassidy imposter exposed

August 17, 2011
source: Deseret News

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MR says: Recent news about Butch Cassidy, that infamous Mormon . . .

Larry Pointer has been chasing the trail of the outlaw Butch Cassidy for 40 years. He thought for sure he had him pinned down — that Cassidy had cheated death in a gun battle in South America, changed his name to William T. Phillips and lived out his life in Spokane, Wash. But Cassidy gave Pointer the slip.

It turns out Phillips in Spokane wasn't Cassidy after all.

It began in the 1970s when Pointer discovered a 96-page manuscript by Phillips titled, "The Bandit Invincible: the Story of Butch Cassidy." On its surface it was a fictionalized biography of Cassidy, but Pointer noticed Phillips wrote about obscure and unusual details that it seemed only Cassidy himself would know.

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