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Special issue of New Era for September

August 27, 2011
source: LDS Church News

Image from LDS Church News.

MR says: There are also two different covers - one featuring young women and one featuring young men.

The September issue of The New Era will be dedicated to the young women Personal Progress and young men Duty to God programs. This special issue contains examples of how these programs affect the lives of the youth and also offers suggestions on how to accomplish the goals set forth in these Church programs.

"The youth of the Church have been given a great trust and mission," said Elder Shayne M. Bowen of the Seventy. "Their participation in Duty to God and Personal Progress will help them fulfill their responsibilities and reach their full potential. We hope this issue will assist them in these efforts. This issue shares examples of young men and young women who have created plans to meet the needs of their families and communities."

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