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Church responds to pastor's 'not Christian' statement

October 09, 2011
source: Mormon Newsroom

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MR says: Simple. Perfect.

In response to media calls regarding comments made by a Baptist minister at a political event stating that Mormons are not Christians, the Church issued the following statement today:

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gregs said...

11:57 AM
on Oct 10, 2011

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Another bait and switch by LDSLiving. Wish they would keep doing that. I am willing to go to two screens for your effort, but not if it is going to be worthless information. I am seeing this more and more here.

jeanneannbates said...

05:40 PM
on Oct 10, 2011

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hats off to LDS Living.

thebigsamoan said...

05:53 PM
on Oct 10, 2011

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I'm LDS too, and love Glenn Beck to death. The Liberals hate him because he's exposing every lie they make. It's amazing how they constantly accused him of being a hatemonger who makes up lies and push them out as the truth but for two years he had a red phone there on his desk challenging anyone and everyone to call in and prove him wrong. Well, no one ever did, all they do is spent millions of their money to boycott Glenn's show and try to take him off the air. They trumped up all those lies about how Glenn was fired from Fox when the truth is he wasn't. He wanted to be free to tell the truth to the American people without being shackled and restricted due to corporate pressure. Now he's got his own network where he can do just that...a place where people can go to get the truth about what's going on in our government. Sadly, the left will continue to do their best to silence and shut him down because they are the real hatemongers intolerant of any voice who oppose their idiotic policies. While Glenn espouses empowering the individuals lift themselves out of poverty, the liberals want the masses to do nothing but depend only on the govt to provide for them, thus continuing the sad culture of entitlement where there are now more than 50 million people living on a dole without any desire to get out and work to better themselves. Yep, they would rather the govt take from the rich to provide for their lazy selves. While they spent days and weeks demonstrating and causing more trouble and putting financial strain on the police, the rich are out there still providing services and moving products that makes the economy going. Go Glenn Beck, and God bless you and thank you for all your efforts on behalf of our beloved America.

seayahlater said...

10:40 PM
on Oct 12, 2011

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I have one question for all those of the LDS Faith... why is it the LDS Church stance that Joseph Smith is the founder of the Church. The LDS church even published such a fact at the Nauvoo Cafe on Temple Square. I questioned a high council member about this and he agreed and said the church had to list someone that was alive. Christ is alive and heads the church through a living Prophet so why not say the church was founded by Christ.

bridget said...

04:15 PM
on Jun 19, 2012

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The pity of it is that if someone does go to, the site will be insufficient to express the actual core truths that the Lord has given us. That's because so many Mormons have a shallow grasp of who the Lord actually is — the Almighty God, Creator of all things, and Everlasting Father. Note: In reply to the poster who questions the name of the LDS church, LDS is an abbreviation for latter-day saints, which identifies this as the generation that will greet the Lord at the Second Coming. The actual name is the Church of Jesus Christ. Good luck getting some members to realize that, though. They aren't reading the scriptures and praying to the Lord for understanding. They're listening to each other and walking after tradition. Needless to say, not all the traditions in the church please the Lord. In fact, very few do. I'd say one clear tradition that does please him is the singing of hymns instead of modern music, but offsetting that one good tradition you have a host of bad ones. One of these could very well be calling it the "LDS" church.
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