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Modest fashion on the rise

November 07, 2011
source: Salt Lake Tribune

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Photo from Salt Lake Tribune.

MR says: Modest fashion blogs, e-zines, and boutiques are becoming more popular.

When you meet modest-fashion maven Jen Loch, who has tens of thousands following her online magazine and store, you might expect another cute, wide-eyed Mormon blogger who has taken her faith, values, innocence and, of course, fashion sense onto the Internet.

Loch, a 30-year-old sometime model and online entrepreneur, fits most of that pattern — she’s got the eyes and fashion sense, for sure. But she came by her commitment to dressing modestly the hard way. And Loch, a lifelong Mormon who came to Utah via Nashville and Los Angeles, is disarming in admitting she’s a work in progress.

“I don’t consider myself the most modest person,” she says during a recent interview in a Provo café. Loch is wearing skinny jeans, for instance. Many readers of her magazine Jen or shoppers at denounce skinny jeans as indecent attire.

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