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7 LDS youth and leader survive tragic accident

November 12, 2011
source: LDS Church News

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MR says: Wow, these young women are very lucky, and very blessed.

The ride from Jackson Hole, Wyo., to Rigby, Idaho, usually takes under two hours. But, for Holly Galbraith and the seven young women traveling with her Saturday, Nov. 5, the day was not what they expected. Holly, a 35-year old youth leader, gave herself extra time that morning allowing for slick road conditions as the group set out for an Especially for Youth Church activity.

Holly and her group of girls are all members of the Jackson Hole 2nd Ward. The group included Marianne Galbriath, 15; Heather Banack,16; Emily Fairbanks, 13; and four sisters — Sky and Star Roney both 17, Maya Roney, 16 and Sage Roney, 14.

The extra time would not matter that Saturday as the Suburban they were driving hit ice at the notoriously dangerous spot on Pine Creek Pass. The vehicle began to slide, crashing through the guardrail and falling more than 150 feet into the icy creek below.

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lscotten said...

09:29 AM
on Nov 15, 2011

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It is the Jackson 2nd Ward, not Jackson Hole.

dottie said...

02:40 PM
on Nov 19, 2011

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This is an incredible and wonderful story of love and perseverance on the part of young women and a leader determined to lead in righteousness. I am happy they all survived and will be eventually mended. What a blessing these young women will be both now and in the future when they become wives and mothers themselves.
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