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LDS Living's Top 10 for 2011: No. 5

LDS Living - December 26, 2011

These are the number 5 top stories, blogs, videos, and Facebook posts for 2011.

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This year has been quite the "Mormon moment" with politicians, musicals, ad campaigns, athletes – you name it – and many of LDS Living's stories have followed these people and topics.

Today we explore the no. 5 most popular stories, blogs, videos, etc., from LDS Living:

#5 Most Popular

Mormon Report Article: Big changes coming for single Mormons in Utah

LDS Living Online Article: Phantom scriptures debunked

Blog: {Lifestyle} Beards: Yes or No for LDS Men?

LDS Living Magazine Article: Elizabeth Smart: Faith, Forgiveness, and Hope for the Future

Video: Smiling guy at general conference

Most Commented-on Story: {A&E} Poll: The 'Favoritest' Hymn of All--Round 1

Facebook Post: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here on Temple Square!

Editors' Pick: Kaela Worthen Gardner, Associate Editor

{Single Saints} The List

The {Single Saints} blog was a new addition this year, and it’s probably my favorite blog we have. We’ve covered a lot of topics both informational and conversational, but this was one of my favorites. It’s fun and funny and brings up some good points to think about.

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