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{Lifestyle} Ultimate Guide: LDS Subway Art

Ashley Evanson - January 26, 2012

Why it's called subway art, I don't know. But I do know that it's really pretty and I would love this LDS art in my home.

I could spend hours browsing LDS graphic art - there are just so many beautiful options nowadays. But these are my top picks.


(Photo by Proclamation Pictures)

Arise and Shine Forth


(Photo by Lexiphilia)

Children Are the Hands by Which We Take Hold of Heaven


(Photo by Brightly Beams Prints)

Pray Always


(Photo by Finch and Fellow)

Peace Be Still


(Photo by Ciao Bella Moments)

Daughter of God


(Photo by Perfect Printables)

LDS Temple Digital Art


(Photo by Kimberly's Photography)

LDS Salt Lake Temple Print


(Photo by Little Miss Missy)

Arise and Shine Forth


(Photo by Poprocks Design)

Bring the World His Truth


(Photo by Mod Printables)

Nourish the Tree (Alma 32)

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danieldot9 said...

09:19 AM
on Jan 26, 2012

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At a time when LDS art is exploring and expanding it's scope and finding wonderful ways to communicate valuable messages, it behooves us to be informed and open-minded. If you are going to publish, would it kill you to do a little research? I'm sure you don't want to be regarded as a "fluff" journalist do you? and by the way, "Really pretty" is NOT a compliment to an artist.
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