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Sister Julie B. Beck on roles of Relief Society and Priesthood

January 18, 2012
source: LDS Church News

Photo from LDS Church News.

MR says: What a good BYU devotional. We will miss her when she's released.

Quorums and Relief Societies are meant to be a safety and a refuge in these difficult days and to support and strengthen the identity, roles and responsibilities of Heavenly Father's sons and daughters, said Sister Julie B. Beck on Jan. 17.

"What the Lord envisioned regarding quorums and Relief Society has not yet been fully utilized," said the Church's Relief Society general president. "Many quorums and Relief Societies are at present much like sleeping giants waiting for you to breathe new life into them."

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maryp said...

10:47 AM
on Jan 19, 2012

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This is a tremendous talk! She is so full of the Spirit of Truth and Light. She is deeply teaching us what our duty truly is. I applaud her for her forthrightness. She has said other things in the past which have been made fun of, and no doubt, she will recieve criticism for her thoughts in this article, but she is RIGHT. We still have a ways to go in becoming what our Father wants us to be.

margaret said...

06:18 PM
on Jan 22, 2012

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I would love to have read this article as I just love Julie Beck, so forthright, so honest and open, but couldn't find it when I clicked on the tag. Am I loooking in the wrong place? Help!
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